Staying Top of Mind: Using Video to Build Awareness & Referrals

Megan O'Neill


“Use video ads to build awareness and your audience,” says Andrea Vahl. “This is huge.” At our recent live event, Social Marketing for Women in Business, Andrea shared some interesting insights that challenge you to look at Facebook ads from a different perspective:

**“Don’t even think of getting new customers,” **said Andrea. “Think of increasing your current business or doubling your referrals through your current customers.”

Andrea shared the story of a dentist that ran Facebook ads and noticed something interesting. When new patients were calling in, they weren’t saying that they had heard about the dentist through a Facebook ad. Rather, they said they had been referred by an existing patient. However, while the Facebook ad was running, their referrals doubled.

What was happening? The Facebook ad was helping the dentist to stay top of mind with their current customers. That way, when friends asked for dentist referrals they were jumping to share their recommendation.

“By running ads, their current customers were like, ‘Oh yeah! I do like my dentist, that’s right!’ And so when people were asking for a new dentist, they were referring them more often.”

Thinking of trying this approach? Create an ad targeted to a custom audience made up of your current customers. Make sure to share a friendly story or message that your audience will appreciate.