Don’t Overthink It: Snapchat Marketing for Beginners

Megan O'Neill


Thinking about getting started with Snapchat marketing for your business? At our Social Video Marketing Summit, Snapchat expert Frankie Greek shared her Snapchat marketing tips for beginners. “If you can represent your brand well,” Frankie says, “there’s not anyone who can’t be on Snapchat.” Check out her video segment below and read on to learn more about getting started with Snapchat.

What can brands do to be successful on Snapchat?

Frankie shared three concepts that brands should keep in mind if they want to be successful on Snapchat — they should be active, current, and collaborative.


“You need to be posting consistently,” says Frankie. “It doesn’t have to be every single day, but figure out a schedule that works for you.”


Snapchat only features content from the past 24 hours. For this reason, Frankie suggests “talking about the things that are affecting your business now or things that are coming up that your customers can get excited about.”


Finally, Frankie recommends collaborating with other people that you work with, with your customers, with other Snapchatters, and with other businesses in order to “show a well-rounded story of your brand.”

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