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Top 5 Tips on Creating Great Small Business Videos

Becky Brooks


Busienss marketing video tips

Video makes it possible for you to convey what you are all about in a way that comes across as genuine and professional.

Even if you don’t have tons of time, cash or expertise to create marketing videos, Animoto Pro makes it easy.

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Here are our tips for creating video with our service that will leave people knowing more about you.

#1: Leave them wanting more.

Seriously. You don’t need an incredibly long, thorough video showcasing every facet of who you are or what your company does. People’s attention spans are short.

Create something that is to the point, but still conveys what you are about.

  • Example: Sweet Spud*

#2: Show Your Personality

Even if you can’t record video clips with you talking, still add captions and title cards to your video that show what you or your company is about.

Think of yourself as a mini-copywriter and try to add little touches to your video that showcase this.

  • Example: Casey Fatchett Photography*

#3: Choose Your Cover Image Wisely

setting to choose cover image in your business video

No one’s going to want to click on your video if you choose the most boring or low-quality image in your set. Make sure you check out “Settings” when making your video to change your cover image.

  • Example: videos above*

#4: Choose Your Video Style & Song Even More Wisely

Animoto Pro has 2000 commercially licensed songs, half of which are from industry-leader, Triple Scoop Music. You seriously should be considering how much of an impact the music you choose will have on the overall energy and vibe of your video. Preview the video a few different times with different songs. When you find a song you love, “heart” it and it’ll show up in your Favorites Library.

Similarly, when choosing your video style, scope out the options.

Some are super-niche. Some are understated and classic. Some are really heavy with graphics and awesome motion design. Really get to knew the video styles, especially the pro-exclusive video styles, as many of them were designed with small business videos in mind.

#5: Use Your Call-to-Action Button

Call-to-Action Button

This can’t be stated enough. If you’re not sure how to use our Call-to-Action Button (or why you should) then you must read up on this seriously powerful marketing feature.

Just go to “Settings” when editing your video and decide where your viewer should go when finishing the video or pausing it.

Check out the CTA buttons for the above videos to see them in action.

With Animoto Pro you also get white-labeled videos, meaning no logo appears and you get free HD upgrades. Check out more small business marketing videos and the features of Animoto Pro!