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Self-Marketing for Small Business – The Guide by Moo

Becky Brooks


For all things self-marketing and small business, We are thrilled to include MOO as this month’s guest writer. It’s a New Year, so why not resolve to have the best you shine in all your promotions, marketing and business networking?

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The MOO Guide to Successful Self-Marketing

Whatever your profession, there’s no easy shortcut to promoting yourself that doesn’t involve a lot of tireless networking, banging on countless closed doors, or sending out mailout after mailout in the hope that the right people will notice you. But innovative digital printers MOO have a few handy marketing tricks up their sleeve…

Network in style

There’s a very good reason that business cards still exist in an increasingly digital age – they are absolutely vital for helping strangers who meet at parties, industry events or even on the street, to keep in touch or start a conversation. So make sure that your card is remarkable enough to avoid the bin a week later, memorable enough to prompt a follow-up phone call and personal enough to represent what you offer.

Portfolio in your pocket

As a photographer, or artisan, your selling point is your diversity – you don’t just have one product to sell, so why just have one card? Put a different image on every card, and you’ve got an instant product portfolio in your pocket – ideal for handing out to prospective clients who want to see the extent of your range.

Brand your packaging

Whatever your business, a strong brand identity will always make you stand out. Logos can be pricey to commission, but look at it as an investment in the future of your company. Once you have a strong logo, don’t be afraid to use it – on business cards, stationery, or on stickers to seal packaging and presentation for products like wedding photos or gift packages. Remember – the small touches often have the largest impact.

Don’t forget about snail mail

Making contacts is the first step – turning them into clients, and keeping them interested is the next challenge. At the most basic level, keep-in-touch marketing can be an email once a month to your client base. But why stop there? Send discount vouchers and special offers with unique promo codes in the post – it’ll remind people who you are, and prompt them to have another look at your services, especially if you make an effort with the design.


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