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Jeff Rodgers Gives Vimeo Pro Tips

Becky Brooks


tips and tricks from Jeff Rodgers

Jeff Rodgers, founder of Kitbash : Brand Design and co-owner of award-winning photography studio, Allison Rodgers Photography, talks with us about why he uses Vimeo Pro to showcase his Animoto videos, plus some hacks, tricks and tips for Vimeo Pro.

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1. You’ve been using Animoto Pro for a few years to create videos for your clients. Why do you choose to share your videos with a Vimeo Pro account?

Vimeo Pro logo

Yes, we have been using Animoto for years now, we love it. I am not just saying that because I am talking to you guys, I tell people all the time about it. It’s just a great and easy way to create a dynamic slideshow of images.

I experimented with using YouTube but I much prefer the look and feel of Vimeo. It has a cleaner user interface and it overall just has a more professional feel to it. I like the amount of control I can have over all of my videos individually. I can password protect it or open it up all the way and allow clients to download the hi-res file. The videos are easily shareable straight to Twitter and Facebook and has good embed options as well as being very mobile friendly.

2. Why are the analytics that Vimeo Pro provides important to you?

Animoto and Vimeo Pro Premium analytics

I want to be able to see how many people are viewing each video. Beyond just watching view counts I want to see where the video is watched the most. Whether it’s on the Facebook fanpage, the studio blog or if someone has embedded it into their own blog.

3. Any tips on getting the most SEO juice out of sharing your videos on Vimeo Pro?

Take the time to fill out the Title and Description. Listing your name and what it is and linking to your site. Also put in the appropriate tags in the field provided for that. All of this helps to improve your Google rankings.

4. You allow clients to download videos straight from Vimeo. How do these sharing/downloading options make your life easier?

When we create an Animoto video for a client, I used to have to download it and then burn it to a DVD, this was troublesome because then you have to worry about branding the packaging and DVD label. Then we started using jump drives, but it also had the same issue. Once I started using Vimeo Pro this got easier. I am able to enable the video I post to have a download option. The user can choose from the four options Vimeo gives you. I upload the hires version to Vimeo, so the client can decide what they are going to use it for and grab the size that suits them.

5. Any hack tips for Animoto Pro customers who are going to start sharing their videos with Vimeo Pro?

Animoto Vimeo Pro tips for choosing a thumbnail

Once you upload the Animoto video to Vimeo you can choose the thumbnail that you want to have as the image of the video. There 10 automatically generated options but I use the new “choose” button. You can scrub through the video and pick the exact frame you want for the thumbnail image. I will sometimes create a slide just for this if I don’t like any of the thumbnails. I can upload any image and use as the thumbnail.

I am excited about Animoto cutting out the step of me having to download the file then uploading to Vimeo. This is a big time saver and it’s greatly appreciated, keep up the great work!

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