National Small Business Week: Lifetime Meals

Lauren Colman


Located in Austin, Texas, Lifetime Meals is a local gourmet food company that delivers organic and non-GMO meal plans to the doors of busy, health conscious consumers. We connected with co-founder, Christian Hollums, to find out how Lifetime Meals incorporates video into their business.

National Small Business Week: Lifetime Meals

Christian has embraced the use of video for his business making several key videos including client stories, product offerings and a company overview. He says that, “video rich content boosts sales and tends to capture leads more effectively than written material.”

Having experience with both professionally-produced video and cloud-based video creation services like Animoto, LifeTime Meals utilizes Animoto not to replace their professionally produced content, but to supplement it. “We have created many different videos outside of Animoto,” says Hollums, “but enjoy the templates that [Animoto has] and find it very easy and helpful.”

On their Animoto videos, LifeTime Meals takes advantage of both the logo feature for clear branding and the call-to-action feature to direct viewers to their site for additional information. After sharing their videos on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, LifeTime Meals has seen an increase in traffic to their site.

Hollums’ advice for businesses just getting started with video? “Take your time, pay attention to detail, and be open to constructive criticism.”

To learn more about LifeTime Meals visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.