National Small Business Week: Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers

Lauren Colman


Ro Scarbrough, a Realtor Salesperson with Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers, discovered Animoto 4 years ago while attending a trade show. Since then, she has combined her passion for photography and real estate in the creation of hundreds of Animoto videos to help her sell homes in Hawaii.

National Small Business Week: Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers

“As a Realtor, I recognized early on the importance of creating the best web presence possible,” said Ro. “As the real estate business moved rapidly into more of a visual product, and less about the text and description, video presentation became an integral part of my marketing.”

The Animoto videos Ro creates of her individual real estate listings are customized depending on the property. “An elegant estate will get a different style than a funky beach front cottage.” The videos are shared on various social media channels and include a call-to-action sending viewers to the MLS listing for additional information.

National Small Business Week: Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers

One of the things that sets Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers’ videos apart from other real estate videos is Ro’s attention to music selection, combination of both pictures and video clips and perfect pacing.

Ro has many clients who can’t make it out to the properties before they purchase. Her videos are a huge selling point for buyers in the market for a vacation property. She says, “I can make professional-quality videos in minutes with music and themes that help bring the properties to life. Prospective buyers often watch the videos several times when making a decision to buy a house.”

To learn more about Ro and Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers visit their website or follow them on Twitter.