National Small Business Week: Art Paw

Lauren Colman


Rebecca Collins started Art Paw Studios in 1998 offering pet lovers beautiful, personalized portraits of their four-legged family members. We asked Rebecca how she uses video as part of her unique business.

National Small Business Week: Art Paw

Also a handmade glass mosaic artist, Rebecca began using video in 2007 and was recently introduced to Animoto. Over the years she has made many kinds of videos to support her business efforts including artist interviews, art portfolios, Photoshop tutorials and FAQ videos. “Creating business art videos allows me to educate my clients and also network with my peers.”

“Video is not only a way to show off your product or services,” said Rebecca. “It is the perfect solution for educating your clients and fans about your area of expertise.” After sharing on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube, and including them in newsletters to existing and prospective clients Rebecca quickly saw the effects of video marketing. “I know people are watching and I have gained both clients and students from my videos.”

Art Paw utilizes Animoto videos as part of their proofing process. This video of Gracie, the Boston Terrier, “was a wonderful tool for engagement with my client,” said Rebecca. “I proof my commission client via SmugMug and then import the slides into Animoto to create a dynamic little movie of all of their proofing choices that they can share with friends.”

When asked for advice to give other small businesses who are just getting started with video Rebecca said to start small and work your way up to more advanced features. “Creating videos can be very time consuming in general, however using Animoto is a terrific way to dive into video production quickly and shave hours off of production. Once you conquer simple slideshows it is ok to add other video editing tools to your arsenal and there is nothing wrong with using both iMovie and Animoto in conjunction with each other.”

To learn more about Rebecca and Art Paw visit their website or like them on Facebook.