Small Business Spotlight: Using Video to Market Youth Football Camp

Becky Brooks


Eileen Malick

Whether it’s during the summer, the school year or when she is spending time with her family, Eileen uses Animoto to create and share videos with her community, friends and family.

Eileen Malick is a mom to four kids, a teacher and helps run a youth football camp called Tutt Skills Camp.

Located in Ashland, Virginia the camp teaches school-aged football players of varying ages and skill levels how to play and improve at football.

We talked with Eileen about how Animoto saves her time and why she thinks the videos are so fun to share!

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Saving Time While Getting Kudos

Eileen uses Animoto to create videos for her classroom, camp and family. She’s able to do so because Animoto takes just minutes.

“As a full-time teacher I did not have a great deal of time to create videos and distribute using old-school methods. Animoto made my video production look like it took FOREVER. I get complimented about my videos frequently.”

All Eileen has to do to create a wow-worthy video is upload her photos and video clips, choose a song, add some words and in minutes she has a digital memento that she can easily share online.

Share Your Video with a Click of a Button

Eileen posts videos to Facebook and sends them via email. “Being able to share online saved me a step to have to transfer the file and get it online,“ Eileen explains. She loves seeing the number of views go up on her Animoto video page when she shares them online. Eileen is also able to burn her videos to DVD for school assemblies or classroom presentations or even as a present for friends or family.

“It’s rewarding to share my videos,” Eileen explains. She’s always amazed at how her friends don’t realize how easy Animoto is to use. She has shown fellow teachers and parents the ease of Animoto and reports she has “a few mom friends using Animoto as well.”

Eileen plans to use Animoto for years to come as both a classroom tool and to share the fun and hard work she witnesses during the summer at camp.

Whether you are a parent, teacher or both, check out great examples of how you can use Animoto for school year videos.