Small Business Video Marketing Spotlight: Sweet Spud



In honor of National Small Business Week, we’re going to do a post everyday featuring a small business using video effectively or tips and tricks for you to do so everyday!

Today we’re chatting with Everett Brothers, VP of Marketing at Sweet Spud, to discuss how the baby clothing line uses Animoto to spread their message.

Sweet Spud

How important is gaining a presence online in establishing your brand?

Since our inception, Sweet Spud’s marketing team encouraged the use of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Podcasting. We are currently developing an iPhone application for placing orders, along with a few other tricks to keep things interesting. It is hard to overstate the importance of reaching as many audiences as possible through the Internet.

Why did you choose Animoto to showcase your products?

Sweet Spud small business video marketing case study

Sweet Spud operates entirely through our digital boutique, which makes first impressions especially important. With a custom-made Animoto video embedded into our homepage, we have created a sweet and inviting presence.

Our goal was to enhance the happy theme of our site with an attention-getting visual. Animoto’s product makes our difficult task of communicating sweetness surprisingly easy; with the audio/visual accompaniment, we can convey a warm and cozy feeling.

What Animoto feature has been most useful for your company?

The call-to-action button is one of our favorites.

Prospective customers can navigate directly to our online store when our video has paused or finished playing.

Sweet Spud Baby

Each time we send out a promotional email, the “one-click” button makes our video a perfect virtual pamphlet while saving the time it would take to organize text links, video clips and images.

We can rely on Animoto videos to market our product in a cohesive and unique manner, a definite advantage over other organic baby clothing retailers.

The commercially licensed music is another feature that was a huge selling point. Animoto offers such a variety of royalty-free songs that finding one to fit our baby theme was quite simple. Instead of spending hefty fees for rights to published music, we have access to hundreds of songs in your online catalog.

Have you been able to incorporate Animoto in marketing vehicles other than your website?

We are using Animoto videos at our displays in upcoming trade shows and public events this year. The Sweet Spud team downloads high definition MP4s of our videos on Animoto and then runs them on flat screens, providing a dynamic digital presentation anywhere we stop.

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