Small Business Video Marketing – 5 Great Examples



How do businesses create engaging marketing videos for their websites without hiring a videographer?

Of all Animoto features released, we believe video will have the biggest impact on our users long term. In the past, businesses had two options: hire an expensive videographer or do without and live with a static web presence and marketing. Today, it’s easier than ever to capture video thanks to an abundance of low-cost point-and-shoot digital cameras.

The five businesses outlined below have successfully incorporated video clips into their Animoto projects, see for yourself:

The Yacht Week

Yacht Week

“The Yacht Week provides an exhilarating experience of sailing, regattas, entertainment, and much more…Gather your friends and be part of an epic voyage on Caribbean waters in the spring, Spanish, Croatian, and Greek waters in the summer.” As if their site’s description wasn’t enticing enough, they’ve been pumping out high-energy trailers of each event. I’m really digging their musical selections too; thumping house and electro beats puts me in a party frame of mind. Video clips from the Yacht deck, sun bathing 20-something year olds, and raging dance parties should make your decision to join their next sail very easy; I’m sold.

Valley Cadillac Hummer

Hummer Marketing

Valley Cadillac Hummer has their Hummer pitch down to a science. Gather a bunch of Hummer enthusiasts, bring a camera, and plow through mud in the Finger Lakes backcountry. These people aren’t driving their kids to soccer practice; they’re pushing their Hummers to the max and capturing all the glory. Each video is distributed through their company website and blog, YouTube, and several other video sharing sites. Words can’t describe the awesomeness, see for yourself.


Smart Sheet Marketing

Smartsheet, an online application, makes your life easier by managing projects and work online. Even though their product’s web-based, they’ve had success using screen cast clips. People short on time can watch one of their videos and get an immediate idea of their service offering. With many free screen-casting options out there, it’s an easy way for businesses to add another dimension to their marketing.



Born in the Bronx and raised in Manhattan, Maluca broke onto the scene in 2009 after signing with Mad Decent record label. The self-proclaimed “1/2 Dominican 1/2 Pain in the ass” has already toured internationally, most notably performing in front of 10,000 people in Belgium. Maluca’s eclectic style and endless energy shines through in a Spin promo video leading up to her performance at SXSW last year.

Mail a Monkey

Mail a Monkey

Mail a Monkey revolutionizes the online gift-shopping experience with —monkeys! The intro video featured on the company’s front page not only showcases a wide range of their irresistibly cute gifts but also mixes in whimsical, self-produced video snippets of gift receivers’ reactions that capture the surprise, excitement, and sheer happiness that the company promises to deliver. Synced to a playful instrumental track that complements the quirkiness of the video, the self-made trailer is as one-of-a kind as the company itself! True to their tagline “make people happy, mail a monkey”, Mail a Monkey really leverages the power of video to ensure that visitors of their website have a fun and engaging shopping experience. We’ve been monkeying all our friends!

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