Small Business Spotlight: D-Otherside Music Group



Music producer Lior uses video as an essential part of his online marketing strategy, so we caught-up with him to get an artist’s insight on using Animoto!

Located in the heart of New York City, D-Otherside Music Group provides cutting edge music services for commercial release, publication, marketing, licensing, and production. The services D-Otherside provide include writing, producing, mixing, teaching and consulting to help artists and brands establish a fresh commercial appeal. D-Otherside’s clients have included major labels and well-known artists like Nelly Furtado. Lior Magal, founder and creative director of D-Otherside, has worked on several Billboard dance chart toppers and won VH-1’s 2009 “Song of the Year” song and lyric competition in the Electronica / Dance category.

How have you seen the music industry change due to the internet?

The music industry has been in a state of constant change due to the internet for quite some time. The way people discover and consume music today is much different than in the previous decade. The increase in music downloads and the decrease in CDs sold has forced the major labels to change their process.

D-Otherside in Studio

We are in the era of the indie artist. Anyone can record, market, distribute and sell music from their living room. The way in which people discover music has completely changed. The growth of internet radio and music blogs enables musicians to be discovered and heard by true music fans without having to go through the major pipelines. Social networks and blogs are now the key players in internet marketing so its crucial for musicians to build a fan base online, to keep in touch with their fans, to get them involved and invite them to shows. New tools like Animoto make it easier than ever for artists to interact in creative ways with their fans.

Are there any lessons businesses outside of the music industry can draw from the way it has been changed by the internet?

Now, with the internet, you compete with the whole world rather than just businesses in your hometown. This also means that you can now reach a much larger audience of consumers. Like an artist every business should have a solid web presence, build a list of customers, potential customers, and people with an interest in the company’s product or field. Keep them updated with engaging and helpful information, new products, great deals, gifts, and get them involved if possible.

Brands and companies today need to create a fan base like any band would. The internet offers many tools like mailing lists, blogs, newsletters, social networking, and affiliate marketing to reach your customers. Animoto is a perfect solution for creating engaging content for those channels.

D-Otherside Music Group

How have you incorporated Animoto in your online marketing? What has the reaction been?

We’re working with Animoto on every media campaign. We create company commercials, new release campaigns, newsletters with videos, website videos and more. The compliments that we get from our customers and music fans has proven that Animoto stands out! Our visual presentation to our fans is much cooler, more exciting, and more artistic than before. Animoto provides us with a unique and cost-effective solution to integrate our music and pictures.

Since Animoto analyzes your song first and then customizes a video around it what tips can you give to Animoto users about choosing the perfect song for their video?

Before creating an animoto video, ask yourself the following:

Based on the subject and message of your video – are you looking for lushness and flow? Or rhythmic sharp movements? What is the essence of the video? What is your subject? What kind of pace are you going for?

Or, you could also do this the other way around. Browse through some of the songs until something clicks – then just give it a shot. With Animoto’s technology it’s always easy to edit a video so trying a couple different songs could lead you to a winner!

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