Slideshow or Marketing Video? Which to Choose for Mother’s Day Promotions

Megan O'Neill


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and, whether you’re looking to reach your customers with a special promotion, or just want to wish them a happy day – video is a great way. But when you sit down to make your video in Animoto and click CREATE to get started, you may wonder which of Animoto’s products – the Slideshow Video Builder or the Marketing Video Builder – will best suit your needs.

Animoto Slideshow Video

To help you out, we’ve gone ahead and created two different versions of the same Mother’s Day video – one slideshow video version and one marketing video version. Both promote Anemos Greek Cuisine’s Mother’s Day brunch. Check out both videos below, along with a breakdown of the different features that were used. Then, decide which is right for you to use for your own Mother’s Day marketing.

Note: The Marketing Video Builder is available for Animoto Professional and Business customers.

Mother’s Day Marketing Video

This square video was created with our Marketing Video Builder, using 5 video clips, 3 photos, and the Anemos logo. It features the Glamour (Square) video style, which you can find by clicking START FROM SCRATCH when you choose to create a marketing video. The song “De Amor Nadie Se Muere (Instrumental)” by Cunao, is available in the Animoto music library.

Marketing Video Builder features used

This video features many of the advanced customization options in our Marketing Video Builder, designed to help you create content that feels on-brand, looks professional, and stands out on social media.

  • Video styles: We currently offer five marketing video styles (each available in square and landscape). Each has it’s own text and transition treatment. However, you are able to choose from a variety of fonts and font layouts and select your own colors, making it super easy to create a video that feels like your brand.
  • Square aspect ratio: We recently introduced square videos to our Marketing Video Builder. Square videos take up 78% more space in the Facebook News Feed and mobile feed and have been shown to lead to an increase in views, likes, and shares on Facebook.
  • Text over video: The Marketing Video Builder also gives you the ability to put text on top of video clips. With slideshow videos, you can only use text on title and photo blocks. This video contains two video clips with text.
  • Text customization: Text customization features were used to customize font style and color. For this video, white was selected for the font color and the default font style was used.
  • Logo block: You can place a logo at any point in your marketing video by adding a logo block. Animate it, adjust the size, and choose any background color you’d like.

Mother’s Day Slideshow Video

This slideshow video was created with the same photos, video clips, and logo as the marketing video above, but as a slideshow video. It was created with Chalk Blossoms, a slideshow video style we recommend for Mother’s Day videos.

Slideshow Video Builder features used

A variety of features were used to create this video — some are unique to the Slideshow Video Builder; others are not.

  • Video styles: The Slideshow Video Builder has over 70 design-rich video styles to choose from. Styles determine the look and feel of your video and (with the exception of our three customizable styles, Frameless, Documentary, and Classic) have set colors, fonts, and animated video effects. Check out our slideshow styles fit for Mother’s Day videos.
  • Text: The text in this video was added by filling out the titles and subtitles in our slideshow text blocks, as well as captions on photo blocks. Text layout and font are set, based on your style selection. Note that slideshow videos cannot contain text on video clips. As a result, you’ll notice that this video is slightly longer.
  • Logo: A logo was added to this video using the Slideshow Video Builder’s logo feature, which can be accessed by Professional and Business customers. In slideshow videos, logos can be placed at the beginning and/or end of videos, animated, and placed on either a black or white background. Learn how to add a logo to a slideshow video on our blog.

Will you be using our Marketing Video Builder or our Slideshow Video Builder for your Mother’s Day Marketing? Share your thoughts — and video links — in the comments below.