Slideshow or Marketing Video? Which to Choose for Tutorial Videos

Megan O'Neill


If you’re sitting down to create a how-to, tutorial, or educational video, the first thing you’ll come face-to-face with is our product selector, asking you “What kind of video do you want to create?” If you’re not familiar with the differences between our Slideshow Video Builder and Marketing Video Builder, this may be a tough decision.

Slideshow Videos Marketing Videos

To help you out, we’ve created the exact same how-to video (with all the same original video clips) two times: once as a slideshow video and once as a marketing video. Check them out below, along with a list of the features that were used from each product, to help make your decision easier.

Note: The Marketing Video Builder is available for Animoto Professional and Business customers.

How-To Slideshow Video

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial video for Sweet Potato Soul’s avocado chocolate mousse. It was created with 11 video clips, the company’s logo, and 7 title blocks, using the Clean Lines video style. The song, “Acoustic Sun” by Thousand Words is available in our music library.

Slideshow Video Builder features used:

A variety of features were used to create this video — some are unique to the Slideshow Video Builder; others are not.

  • Video styles: The Slideshow Video Builder has over 70 design-rich video styles to choose from. Styles determine the look and feel of your video and (with the exception of our three customizable styles, Frameless, Documentary, and Classic) have set colors, fonts, and animated video effects.

  • Text: The text in this video was added by filling out the titles and subtitles in our slideshow text blocks. Text layout and font are set, based on your style selection.

  • Logo: A logo was added to this video using the Slideshow Video Builder’s logo feature, which can be accessed by Professional and Business customers. In slideshow videos, logos can be placed at the beginning and/or end of videos, animated, and placed on either a black or white background. Learn how to add a logo to a slideshow video on our blog.

How-to Marketing Video

And now, here’s the same video (with the same 11 video clips), created using our Marketing Video Builder. The style is Blank Slate and you can find it by selecting “Start from Scratch” when you start your Marketing Video project.

Marketing Video Builder features used:

This video features many of the advanced customization options in our Marketing Video Builder, designed to help you create content that feels on-brand, looks professional, and stands out on social media.

  • Video styles: We currently offer five marketing video styles. Each has it’s own text and transition treatment. However, you are able to choose from a variety of fonts and font layouts and select your own colors, making it super easy to create a video that feels like your brand.

  • Split-screen titles: This video takes advantage of the split-screen feature available in the Blank Slate marketing video style that lets you position text right next to a photo or video clip. All of our marketing video styles also enable you to put text on top of video footage. This helps you tell the story in a shorter amount of time. You may have noticed that our marketing video is a full 15 seconds shorter than our slideshow video, thanks to the ability to share text and video at the same time.

  • Text customization: Using the text customization features, Sweet Potato Soul was able to select unique colors for the text and background, per text block, as well as select a font that fit the brand.

  • Logo block: Adding a logo in the Marketing Video Builder is a little different. You can place a logo at any point in your video (not just the beginning or end), animate it, adjust the size, and choose any background color you’d like.

  • Pre-built storyboards: This video is actually available for you to make your own. It’s our “Step-by-step” pre-built storyboard. While this video wasn’t created using a pre-built storyboard (because it is one!), it does give us a good opportunity to remind you that we offer a variety of templates that you can start with to help you tell a great story. Simply drag and drop your own photos and/or video clips into the storyboard project and change the text and logo to make them yours.

But wait! What if you don’t have video clips?

The Sweet Potato Soul example was created with video clips only, but if you only have photos, that’s ok too. You can still make a great-looking video. Here is the same video, created with photos only, using our Marketing Video Builder:

And here it is, created with photos only, using our Slideshow Video Builder:

Did you prefer the slideshow video version or the marketing video version? We’d love to hear why in the comments. Do you prefer one builder to the other when it comes to making tutorial videos of your own? Let us know!