Inspiration: Creating Effective Real Estate Video Ads for Facebook

Megan O'Neill


We recently met Animoto customer Jeremy David Robinson when he shared a fantastic real estate marketing video with us in our Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook. Alongside his video, he posted, “You guys are making my Facebook video ads a dream for my job!” We reached out to Jeremy to find out more.

Marketing Video Style: Standout
Song: “Best Friends” by Jason Livesay

As the digital marketing coordinator at Paragon Real Estate Group, Jeremy has been working with digital mediums and real estate since 2006. “I work with our agents, and sometimes our developers,” he says, “to create marketing videos that really shine when we may not have actual footage.” He’s been using Animoto, to this end, since September of last year.

We love the real estate video ads that Jeremy is making with Animoto, and we asked him what kind of results he’s seen with them. “We’ve used both video ads and single image ads in the past and our videos, by a wide margin, push more people through to the property website. Our video slideshows create more engagement and clicks. They really seem to be the best media to get people wanting to learn more about the property.”

Marketing Video Style: Standout
Song: “Beautiful Wreck” by Shotgun Radio

3 Tips for Thumb-Stopping Real Estate Ads

We asked Jeremy what he keeps in mind when he sits down to create a real estate video — whether there are any things he always makes sure to include. He offered up three tips:

  • Showcase the best aspects of the property. Jeremy says, “I’ll think about the best aspects of the property and try to create a glimpse of the property that shows what makes the home special and hopefully leaves the viewer wanting more. I like to focus on details, views special architectural features, or powerful design elements within the home that make it stand out.”

  • Use simple text, when necessary. When the photos don’t speak for themselves, Jeremy says, “we’ll use very simple abbreviated text to point out things like design features, bedrooms, or square footage.”

  • Think about pacing. “The pacing of your photos, and music selection is essential.” It helps convey a specific mood about the property you are advertising.

Marketing Video Style: Standout
Song: “Beautiful Wreck” by Shotgun Radio

Are you using Animoto to create marketing videos or slideshow videos to showcase your properties? We’d love to see them. Join our Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook and share them with us, like Jeremy did. You may be our next featured customer!