Quotable Quotes to Use in Your Marketing

Moira West


Looking for something to say in your marketing? Well, we’ve put together a directory of all of our favorite quote posts to help inspire your next project. Test out a catchy saying in our quote storyboards, add a truism to a video with a quote block, or find a clever quote to share on your website or social media accounts. Just click on the posts below to find quotes that work for your marketing needs.

  • Quotes for Entrepreneurs: Get some words of wisdom from business leaders to help you connect with your audience.
  • Motivational Quotes: Whether you need a push for your business plan or your fitness plan, these quotes will get you where you need to go.
  • Real Estate Quotes: Convince clients to get moving, or give yourself a boost with these quotes for real estate professionals.
  • Photography Quotes: Inspire your clients—and yourself—with quotes from some of the world’s greatest photographers.
  • Holiday Sayings: Find the right greeting for your business holiday cards, or discover a new way to send seasons greetings to friends and family.

Want to find out how to integrate quotes into your video marketing? Visit our Resource Center for a quick tutorial on how to add your favorite sayings to your next Animoto Marketing video.