Spotlight on Business: Celebrating Diversity with Positively Publishing Kids

Megan O'Neill


International Women’s Day is this Sunday and, to celebrate, we thought we’d share the story of entrepreneur and super woman Dawn McLaughlin with you. Dawn is a writer from Hudson County, New Jersey who noticed a lack of diversity in kid’s books and decided to do something to change it with the launch of Positively Publishing Kids.

Working at Big Brothers Big Sisters in Newark and Jersey City for six years, Dawn saw first-hand how lack of opportunity was impacting children. With the intention of creating new opportunities, she decided to combine the two things she loved – kids and books – and Positively Publishing Kids was born.

Positively Publishing Kids authors write stories and then collaborate with young illustrators between the ages of 5 – 21 to help close the diversity gap by providing opportunities, fostering creativity and promoting children’s artwork, while letting them earn royalties.

Dawn started using Animoto back in August 2014 when she participated in the Start Something Challenge, a statewide pitch competition for New Jersey entrepreneurs, where she won the People’s Choice Award. “The first round of the competition required each contestant to create a 30-second video using Animoto,” she tells us. “One of the prizes was a free year of Animoto Pro. It has been crucial to my business.” She’s used Animoto to create a video for an Indiegogo campaign to help raise money for the launch of Positively Publishing Kids as well as for a great About video on her website.

Positively Publishing Kids’ first book, Who do you think I am?, written by Dawn and illustrated by 19-year old Hannah Rowe, is set to be released later this month. Dawn tells us, “Who do you think I am? is geared towards children ages 3 – 7. It is written in verse and is about the endless possibilities and potential in all children.”

We always love hearing stories about people using Animoto to help promote their businesses – especially when they support great causes. We wish Dawn luck and can’t wait to see how Positively Publishing Kids’ story unfolds.

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