How One Police Department is Controlling Its Story with Social Video

Megan O'Neill


Last month we attended Social Media Marketing World in San Diego (check out our recap). While we were there, we had the opportunity to meet a number of Animoto customers, including Mike Bires of the Azusa Police Department in Southern California. We loved hearing about how he is using Animoto and wanted to share his story, and some of his videos, with you.

Azusa Police Department

Mike tells us, “With the decline of budgets and programs for community policing, and the current state of our country as it relates to their perceptions about law enforcement, there’s no better time for law enforcement to be engaged with their communities using social media.

“With social media, police departments now have greater control over the story — meaning there can be little to no ‘spin’ placed on a story by media outlets with ulterior motives, and rather than having only ‘citizen reporters’ posting their opinions or conclusions on social media, law enforcement can now immediately dispel rumors and report the facts accurately and in a timely fashion.”

Mike has been using social media with the Azusa Police Department since January of 2014. “We use video as much as possible and we’ve increased our use of video, since that’s where the world is currently focusing their attention,” he tells us. “Although there are times we like to use software such as Camtasia or iMovie, we’ve found that Animoto provides polished, professional video with little to no effort. It’s been great for community relations or crime tip videos.”

Check out some of the videos that the Azusa Police Department has posted on social media, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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