The Path to Profitability: A Recap of Jasmine Star’s Workshop for Creative Entrepeneurs

Becky Brooks


Jasmine Star is not only a very celebrated photographer, but is also known for being unbelievably savvy when it comes to online and social media marketing.

I was lucky enough to attend The Path to Profitability workshop in LA a couple weeks ago and it was one of the coolest things I’ve done professionally all year. Learning from Jasmine in person was even better than watching her teach online.

This workshop is not like anything I’ve seen Jasmine do before. And I’ve watched a lot of her CreativeLive classes. This workshop is not just for photographers, but rather for any and all creative entrepreneurs who want to learn how to have a phenomenal online (and in-person!) presence for themselves and their brand.

Service, social media, brand identity, and even a great butt kick to dress nicer at the airport were some of the larger topics covered. Jasmine has a way of taking theoretical business concepts and distilling them in a way that is not only digestible, but also optimism-inducing.

I also highly recommend checking out Jasmine’s YouTube channel and blog for more business insights. Below is a video that I love. It’s about how businesses can take better photos for their marketing.