Spotlight on Business: Parties, Cupcakes & Video Stats

Megan O'Neill


Today’s edition of Spotlight on Business features Lynlee Beckett – small business owner, party stylist, author, and cupcake decorator extraordinaire. Lynlee uses Animoto to market her cupcake and fondant toppers business, Lynlee’s. We spoke with her to find out more about her background, her company, and how she’s incorporating video into her marketing strategy.

Lynlee told us, “I first tried my hand at creating an Animoto video when looking to promote my book, Sweet & Unique Cupcake Toppers. I was in need of a professional, high quality video that did not require the cost of hiring a videographer, not extensive video training. Animoto was the answer.”

Getting into the party and cupcakes business

Lynlee told us how she made her way into the fondant and party styling business. “I was born in São Paulo, Brazil and moved to California at the age of 11. After attending the University of California at Berkeley and the Université de Lyon II in Lyon, France, I graduated with a double-major in Dramatic Arts and French and started my career in the Fashion industry, where I worked as a buyer for 10 years. Soon after the birth of my daughter, my family and I moved to Las Vegas, NV and in 2010, after throwing my daughter’s third birthday party, I founded Lynlee’s (originally Lynlee’s Petite Cakes) when my love of planning parties, crafting and decorating cupcakes culminated into an undeniable passion!”

Getting started with video marketing

“My promotional book trailer (above) was utilized on my own website, along with a variety of others during my book’s blog tour, as well as several social media outlets,” says Lynlee. “Because of its success, I was since inspired to create additional videos to recap parties I have styles and embedded them within blog posts, and plan on producing more as I branch out into tutorial videos and more!”

Check out this great video recap of Lynlee’s daughter’s Finding Neverland-themed fourth birthday party and read more about the party on Lynlee’s blog.

“Since my work is highly visual, I was really drawn to the fact that Animoto provides the tools to not only showcase images and videos in an innovative manner, but also allows for the addition of music, which presents a complete experience for the viewer by evoking emotions I would not otherwise be able to convey.”

Tracking video marketing success

Because Lynlee was using her book trailer as one of the primary marketing tools for her book, she posted it in a variety of places across the web. “I was excited to include the trailer on my website and even more so to be able to share it with all of the participants of my book blog tour. A large part of the publicity process consists of a book tour and since it was physically impossible to travel to every corner of the world, the next best thing was to reach potential customers worldwide online.”

She continued: “I was thrilled to be able to share the trailer with a variety of websites and bloggers to embed in their promotional spots, which not only multiplied viewership, but also created evergreen content that can constantly been searched.”

To track what kind of traffic she was getting from the various places her video was shared, Lynlee is using our Video Stats feature. She tells us, “I am constantly checking my video statistics, which allows me to track the views of the trailer, measuring each site’s success in attracting viewers and aid in determining future promotional strategies.” Learn more about Video Stats on our blog.

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