Spotlight on Business: Organizing Your Video Marketing Strategy by Season

Megan O'Neill


Linda Samuels, professional organizer and coach, has been passionate about organization for as long as she can remember. “Organizing was something that came easily and naturally to me. Early on, people noticed my abilities and said I appeared to have been ‘born organized.’” As an adult, Linda tells us, “I recognized that the very skill I took for granted, others struggled with on a regular basis.” She turned her passion for organization into a career and launched Oh, So Organized! to help the organizationally challenged live more balanced and orderly lives.

Linda has also incorporated organization into her Animoto video marketing strategy. Not only does she use Animoto to promote specialty programs, her client loyalty program, and to share educational content around organization, but she’s also organized a homepage video strategy around the seasons.

“Each season, I create a new organizing video for my home page. My organizing philosophy revolves around the changing seasons. Seasons are our cue to rethink, reset, review goals, and move ahead. The seasonal videos are a fun, reflective, and visual way to share that message.”

Check out Linda’s spring and summer videos below.

Linda likes to incorporate video into her marketing strategy because, “Videos can be more engaging than just words because they include movement, color, music, and text. Animoto makes it easy to create a mood and deliver a message in a unique way.” In addition to sharing videos on her website, Linda posts them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and even a video-specific Pinterest page. Hear more from Linda in our previous interview with her, in which she talks about her social media strategy.

Organizing your video strategy around the seasons can be a great way to keep your content fresh. Can you think of ways you could organize your own marketing strategy by season, or have you in the past? We’d love to hear about it. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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