Optimizing a Video’s Performance Through Testing

Lauren Colman

Optimizing a Video's Performance Through A/B Testing

At Animoto we are regularly testing videos on various pages of our website. We use software that allows us to test the impact on our conversion but you can test the success of video on your company’s website without any additional tools or costs. An easy way to tell if your test works is to monitor the number of people who viewed or shared your video, contacted you or commented on the video.

Here are a few tests you can run on the videos you display on your site:


Through testing, we have found that videos are best kept to 90 seconds or less in length. We would even go a step further and suggest that the optimal length is 60 seconds or less. We tested various lengths of video on our site and found that the 30 second video was preferred by our users. On some sites like Facebook and YouTube, you can measure audience retention to see when viewers stop watching.

Audience Retention for Testing Videos

People appreciate knowing what they are getting into before they click Play. Let viewers know the amount of time they will need to commit to watching the video by saying something like, “Check out this 60 second video about ____”. Setting expectations for what’s to come can improve the number of video views and the percent of the video played.


Test a few different video introductions to see which performs best. Does a longer introduction work well with your audience or would they appreciate just a short quip before diving in? When we simplified the copy introducing our video we saw a 39% improvement in results.

Even the tone of your video can have an impact. Test versions of your video that serious, light, goofy, etc. You can easily change tone with in-video copy, music and/or images. Our users responded better to the more serious version of our video but your customers may appreciate a more light-hearted approach.

Cover Image

Select a cover image that is visually interesting and quickly reflects the subject of your video. For example, if you are creating a business overview video, select an image of your team or storefront. A video about your product line might have a cover image of your top seller or most intriguing offering. It’s easy to change the cover image on your Animoto video to test several variations.

Select Animoto Video Cover Image

Bottom line, simple tests can have a big impact on results. One of the benefits of using Animoto to create your test videos is how easy it is to generate a copy and make changes. Give it a try, the results may surprise you.