Pro Marketing Video Spotlight: Paradise Rescued Winery

Becky Brooks


Using Animoto Pro to document their wine harvesting process, family, and community, Paradise Rescued, an organic winery, chats with us about video tips and tricks.

Paradise Rescued winery using marketing videos

We had the pleasure of talking with David Stannard, an owner of the family vineyard located in Cardan, France and Melbourne, Australia, about their sustainable micro business exporting Bordeaux red wine, creative insight, and social media efforts

1. Can you tell me a little bit about your family winery history?

As a family we have been lucky enough to own a small villa in the beautiful village of Cardan, Bordeaux in SW France for twenty years. As the village started to grow and the housing spread towards us, we decided to purchase our first block of land directly in front of our property. Paradise Rescued started vineyard operations in 2010 organically producing our first wine the 100% varietal Cabernet Franc called Cloud9.

Our focus is the sustainability of our village community. Producing fine organic wine for export is the way to achieve that.

paradise rescued winery using marketing videos

2. What part of your business are you most proud of?

All of it, really! The conversion of the first block to an organic sustainable vineyard and producing Cloud9 was a great achievement and a significant part of our vision. At the same time, we have started to create the beautiful Paradise Rescued niche brand with our logo and high quality focus and market presence – which is why our media fits so well with Animoto Pro’s technology.

3. What are your inspirations for your winery photo taking and video sharing?

When you look at the photos of our beautiful vineyard and village overlooked by a 12th century church, it is very easy to see why we wanted to include lots of images in our marketing. Every picture paints a thousand words – they tell the story so well! Modern (and social) media thrives on images – video clips are the next marketing frontier.

4. We see that you document the different growing seasons and community atmosphere at your winery in Bordeaux with Animoto Pro and then share it online via Facebook and YouTube. How is this video making and sharing process for you? Any tips for our readers?

We produce both full movie type of YouTube clips and Animoto Pro types with still images and short movie clips. The great advantage of the Animoto version is that we can use a small digital camera – which produces great photos and captures nice “spur of the moment” videos clips – we don’t need tripods and set ups for these!

Our tips would be:

  • Keep the video total length to no more than 3 minutes.
  • Use Animoto Pro – and upload to YouTube in HD format. Stunning – it’s all about the brand and how it’s presented. So you want the best quality!
  • Use one of your included photos as your YouTube thumbnail – don’t always accept their selection, unless it’s a good one.

5. How have these social media efforts affected your business?

Building a brand takes time and sustained effort. As we are a small company, containing all costs is critical and social media is an extremely effective marketing and promotional media. Without it, I doubt if anyone would know us! With our portfolio of social media tools, we have really been able to get our brand name out there – Animoto Pro videos very much included!

A Piece of Paradise Rescued:

6. Are there any projects you’re looking forward to for your winery in the near future?

paradise rescued winery using marketing videos and images to tell story

Oh yes, we have a very active plan of business development. We purchased a second block of land in 2011. One tiny part of it consists of 55 year old Merlot vines which we harvested for the first time in 2012. We have made an exclusive 180 bottles / 15 cases of this new Cabernet Franc Merlot blend for launch in early 2014 – the name is still a secret! We are just starting to redevelop and replant the remainder of the land with a long term project to make an exceptional Bordeaux Merlot wine.

We’re very excited by Paradise Rescued’s development. Please enjoy their marketing videos, breathtaking photography and wine tips on their Facebook page.

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