Marketing Blitz: Promoting Your Business with Video Around the Big Game

Megan O'Neill


February is just around the corner, and we all know what that means — it’s almost time for the big game! When planning out their promotional calendars, businesses and marketers usually remember big holidays, like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, or the winter holiday season. But sporting events can be great fodder for social promotions too.

Big game promotions are especially great for those businesses with target audiences that also happen to be sports fans. And, for those businesses, fun content related to the players, teams, and cities involved can work well. But you can also join the conversation around the game, even if your primary target audience isn’t the football fanatic. For last year’s game, the events styling specialists at Little Miss Party Planner put together a video with a spin that would resonate with their audience — planning for a game day party.

How to make this video

If you like this video, you can actually make it your own using our Marketing Video Builder. You’ll find the pre-built storyboard under “Share your knowledge” when you choose to create a “Marketing Video.” This video is the example in the “List of Tips” storyboard.

List of Tips Video Storyboard

Once you’ve selected the “List of Tips” pre-built storyboard, it’ll take you into the project where you can see exactly how this video was created (and how simple it was to create):

List of Tips Animoto Video Project

As you can see, the video was created with only a handful of photos and video clips:

  • A simple photograph of green turf to provide a backdrop for text
  • 1 video clip and 3 photos to showcase the “drinks” tip
  • 1 video clip and 2 photos to showcase the “snacks” tip
  • 1 video clip and 1 photo to showcase the “seating” tip

You can easily swap out the party tips with your own story and drag and drop to replace all of the photos and video clips with your own content. And if you don’t have video clips, that’s fine too. Videos can look just as good with all photos (and it’s ok to drop a photo into a video block). You can delete blocks too by hovering over them and clicking on the trash icon.

Not a fan of yellow? You can also change the color (and font) of your text, per block or across the entire project. To learn more, check out our help article on text customization.

If you want to get creative with your video, just click on the “Start from Scratch” button when you begin making your marketing video. Here are a couple examples of videos Little Miss Party Planner made from scratch, honing in on the drinks and snacks tips featured in the video above.

Are you promoting your business with a video for the big game? We’d love to see it. Drop a link in the comments or share it with us in the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook.