Make 5 Videos, Not 1

Kristen Craft


With more great advice for your business videos, our friends at Wistia take a look at why it’s important to make your videos short and to the point.

When you’re making a video, it’s understandable that you want to be thorough and cram in as much important information as possible. We’ve felt that way ourselves at Wistia.

The problem is, the longer your video is, the less engagement you’ll see from viewers. We define average engagement as the average percent of the video that gets seen; clearly, it’s good to have an engagement rate that’s as high as possible!

Here’s some info on how video length inversely correlates with engagement.

video length

It’s harder to convey a tight, cohesive message when you’re trying to cover too much ground. It can leave your viewer feeling overwhelmed. A short video, on the other hand, can feel much more empowering, leaving your viewer with a single, specific idea. Your audience will appreciate the more succinct approach.

The final benefit of making shorter videos is that it’s easier to make a bunch of them! If you have a lot of information to convey, break it into multiple videos. This’ll give you extra opportunities to refine your video approach and your audience more chances to interact with you.

Kristen Craft Wistia

Kristen Craft does marketing at Wistia, evangelizing about video. She likes swimming in lakes and brewing/drinking different varieties of beer. You can find her on Twitter.