Business Owner Linda Samuels Talks About Social Media As Part Of Her Successful Strategy

Becky Brooks


Linda Samuels is a Certified Professional Organizer who also published a book and blog called “The Other Side of Organized.” We chatted with Linda about tips business owners can employ to remain organized, how to be social media-savvy without sacrificing efficiency, and how social media tools like Animoto Pro have helped her market her book.

Business owner Linda Samuels knows that in today’s business world social media is an indispensable tool. She set out to learn more about it in order to implement it into her business strategy and shares her learnings and insights with us now.

The Other Side of Organized

I know you believe that “Clutter comes in many forms-things, space, mind, time.” With many Animoto Pro users being small-business owners who must manage and organize their time and space themselves, what is your best piece of advice for them?

Be patient. Achieving the amount of organization that is right for you is possible. Getting organized is not a destination, but rather a process that takes time. There will be ups, downs and adjustments needed along the way. As small-business owners we often think we have to do everything ourselves. If you are particularly challenged with getting organized, consider reaching out to an expert for help.

What are some disadvantages that business owners encounter who are prone to time, space and/or mind clutter?

Any type of clutter whether it’s overcrowded schedules, cluttered spaces or thoughts that impede our focus, negatively impact our work. Overscheduling can prevent us from honoring our commitments to our clients. Physical clutter can cause undue stress by making it difficult to move in our spaces and find what we need. When our physical spaces don’t support what we’re doing, it distracts us from what we’re trying to accomplish. As business owners, we often work 24/7. While we might not be physically working, it’s challenging to turn off thoughts about our businesses. Knowing how to create downtime and release some of that mind clutter is essential. Otherwise, it’s easy to burn out. Rejuvenation and self-care is key.

Those in creative jobs or who have creative hobbies might find this interesting – you feel that decluttering your life and letting go unleashes a lot of creativity. Can you elaborate on that?

When we allow ourselves to let go of the physical and emotional clutter that we often hold on to, it creates space for new thoughts, ideas and creativity. When we feel encumbered by our possessions, it’s hard to think or create. The clutter can overtake our physical space and energy, leaving little room for much else. But when we are able to release the unessential things and set-up our spaces to support what we are doing, everything changes. The clearer canvas allows space for doing, thinking and creating.

You’re on Twitter, Facebook, use Animoto Pro AND have a blog. So you’re incredibly social-media savvy, yet organized with your time. Do you have any organizational tips for business owners out there who want to become involved with social media for their business, but find the entire effort a little daunting or time-consuming?

Business owners are already wearing many hats. The thought of adding social media to the mix can seem overwhelming. Curiosity led me to explore social media. Perhaps some of these ideas will help you move forward.

Research: Before setting up any accounts, I researched what social media was about. I read a lot of articles, looked at how others were using it, attended seminars and asked lots of questions. I did this slowly over a year.

Act: At one of the seminars, the presenter encouraged us to “jump in” and set-up a Linkedin account, test it and then add other venues like Facebook Twitter and a blog. She said to begin to “play.” The idea was to experiment even if we didn’t understand it all.

Define: Know your audience. Plan what you want to talk about and when. Be generous with what you share. Do you want to inspire, inform or promote? My goal is to do a combination of all three with the promotion piece being the smallest part. As an organizer, I don’t’ want to add to internet clutter, so giving value is important to me.

Converse: What’s the point of being out there in the social media universe if you can’t get a conversation going? Make sure you aren’t singular in your message, but that you are commenting on other blogs and posts. Encourage your audience to participate by asking questions, running contests and hearing what they have to say. Think conversation vs. soliloquy.

Parameters: Be honest with yourself. If you’re not careful, it’s possible to lose track of time while juggling the social media balls. You might need to set very strict guidelines for how much time you’ll spend everyday with this type of marketing. I use a timer. It enables me to focus completely while I’m working and then signals me when it’s time to stop and move on.

Manage: Hootsuite lets me simultaneously send out one message to all my social media outlets. It also allows me to track any particular streams of information by person, company, list or keywords. Another useful site, for managing lists is Formulists.

In regards to social media, I know you release Animoto Pro videos to your followers, along with inspirational quotes and blog posts. How have you found this approach to be beneficial for your book and business? Are there any takeaways you’ve learned during your time using social media that our readers can employ in their businesses?

The various social media venues allow me to reach people in a variety of ways while consistently building my platform. Using Animoto Pro lets me combine visual images, words of inspiration, music and movement to motivate and connect with my followers. And it’s easy and fun to use. Writing a blog encourages my audience to join in the conversation about organizing and life balance.

Using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Animoto in tandem with my two websites gives me a complete social media package to inspire others, promote my services, book and blog and encourage a dialogue.
One of the exciting outcomes is that I’m connected to people all over the world. It’s unlikely this would have happened as quickly and to this degree using traditional marketing methods. Consistency is important too. It’s not enough to blog once a month or tweet once a day. Just make sure you are consistent. Only you can decide how much you can manage. Several of my colleagues use virtual assistants to manage their social media content. It takes a time investment along with some planning to experience results.

Using social media has made me more consistent with marketing. Instead of placing an ad here and there, or going to a networking event a few times a year, I am doing something every day, multiple times a day to build awareness. The beauty of tapping into social media for marketing is that others begin promoting for you if they like what you have to say. When people are commenting, sending out your messages to their audiences and pointing them to your websites and blogs, you know you’re giving something of value.

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