Ready to make your mark on LinkedIn? Get the most of LinkedIn video with a marketing video created in Animoto. In this piece, we’ll lay out simple, pain-free steps you’ll take to create a thumb-stopping, professional video that you can use to market your business on LinkedIn, attract new clients, potential hires, and more. Once you finish up here, if you’re looking for video inspiration, check out our post on three types of videos to post to your company’s LinkedIn page.

We’ll take you through the process of how to make a video like the one above, but you can get creative and make any LinkedIn video for your business. Not an Animoto customer? You can sign up for a 14-day free trial to follow along.

Step 1: Open Animoto

Ready to make your first LinkedIn video? Log in to your Animoto account and click the CREATE button on the top right of your screen.

Step 2: Start an Animoto Marketing project

Next, you’ll be prompted to choose the kind of video that you want to create. Select “Animoto Marketing.” This is our marketing video builder, designed for making videos to promote your brand on social and beyond.

Business Video Slideshow

Step 3: Select a pre-built storyboard

Decision time! Choose a storyboard that fits the content and goals for your video. Pre-built storyboards are video templates that you can easily make your own by dragging and dropping your own photos and video clips, changing the text, and adding your logo and brand colors.

For this project, we’ll select “Step-based Tutorial,” which was designed for a how-to video like the one we’ll be creating.

LinkedIn Video Storyboards

If you’ve got a specific idea in mind for your LinkedIn video or LinkedIn ad and you’d prefer to start with a completely clean slate, feel free to select “Start From Scratch.” You’ll be prompted to choose a video style and then you can build your own storyboard from the ground up.

LinkedIn Video Styles

Step 4: Customize your video

To add your photos and video clips, click UPLOAD and select the files you’ll be using in your project.

Once you’ve uploaded your assets, drag and drop them into the existing blocks, and feel free to add and delete blocks as you see fit. Modify the text in each block with your desired message. In this case, we’ll be teaching viewers our best practices for better audio in videos.

LinkedIn Video Maker

This’ll also be your chance to change the aspect ratio for your video. If you’re planning on running a LinkedIn video ad, we recommend selecting landscape, as LinkedIn doesn’t currently support square video ads.

Step 5: Add your brand colors and logo

Keep branding consistent in your videos by entering the hex code for your colors, and be sure to upload your logo as well.

Step 6: Preview and produce your project

From there, click “Preview” to take a final look at your video to make sure you’re achieving everything that you’re going for. If you notice anything you’d like to change, just select “Continue Editing.” If, however, you feel ready to finalize your video, click PRODUCE.

Step 7: Share your video on LinkedIn

Once your video renders in HD, download the file, and upload it to LinkedIn. For our guide to sharing video on LinkedIn, click here.

Any questions?

Now that LinkedIn allows for native video on company pages, it’s time to start establishing your brand’s video presence. Let us know if you have any questions about anything we covered here, and if you have any tips for LinkedIn, feel free to share those as well!