How to Create a Memorable “About Me” Video

Megan Etzel

Video bio for an About Me page

Following up on our post “How to Create a Memorable ‘About Me’ Page”, we came up with a few tips for creating a killer video for your website.

Incorporating Clickin Moms Megan Squire’s tips and using Adventure Sun Valley (one of our business case studies) as an example, we have created an About Me video that helps customers learn more about why they should choose Adventure Sun Valley for their next trip.

Here’s what to include when creating a captivating and informative video.

Tip 1: Plan Ahead.

Before you create your video, make a list of five words that you’d use to describe yourself and your personality. Then create a second list of key words that describe your business. These are the foundation of your storytelling. When you’re building your video, incorporate the words into a story by text slides throughout the video that work with your visuals.

Tip 2: Grab Attention.

To instantly lock in your viewer’s attention, include a video clip in the first ten seconds. It could anything but think about conveying energy, excitement or tension.

Tip 3: Mood Music.

Jump over to our Pinterest boards and see how music can convey a very different feeling: slow music can make a viewer feel like the video is actually longer than it is; fast music tends to create excitement. Choose wisely. We recommend using a song from our Instrumental genre so you don’t have to worry about the lyrics of a song competing with your story.

Tip 4: Think Short.

Make sure your video is no longer than 90 seconds; the closer to a minute in length, the better! According to ReelSEO, over 50% of viewers click away from a video after the first minute. In fact, if you upload your Animoto video to YouTube, their analytics can tell you exactly when people stop watching so you can re-edit your video if you see a problem.

To finish your amazing About Me video, be sure to include Megan’s final criteria for success:

  • Include your name
  • Talk about yourself
  • Talk about your areas of focus
  • Include a picture of yourself

Once you are done, be sure to share the video! After you post it on your website, send links to customers, share on your Facebook page — drive traffic to your video!

Learn more about creating your own personalized small business videos with Animoto.