The holiday season is upon us. We know that these can be stressful months, especially for business owners. That’s why we put together a Holiday Playbook to help ease the burden of coming up with ways to market your business now through the end of the year.

We’ve got video examples for every occasion, along with tips and tricks to create your own. The rest is up to you! Getting involved is simple — just join our Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook if you aren’t already a member and post your videos to receive feedback, get inspired by the videos shared by your fellow group members, and more.

Step 1 is all about goal-setting and creating a strategy for videos that get results.

Watch the video below to get the lowdown from Cyndi Knapic, Head of Animoto for Business, and then keep scrolling for a written rundown of what we’re talking about when we say “video marketing strategy” (we promise it’s not complicated).

When it comes to marketing your business through social video, it pays to be intentional. Even if you only create one video during the holiday season, keeping a specific objective in mind will help keep you on-task and on-message.

What are my holiday goals?

A good strategy starts with clear goals. We came up with these examples, but every business is unique, so don’t feel limited by our ideas:

  • Creating connections with customers
  • Sharing holiday cheer
  • Offering products that make great gifts
  • Sharing your expertise

Once you decide what you’re hoping to get out of your holiday marketing videos, you can work toward a specific goal, and you won’t have to grasp around for a message worth delivering, which we know can be challenging.

How will I measure my success?

If you’ve created marketing videos before, past performance can provide a great baseline for future videos. If you’re new to video creation, setting a goal around the number of videos you make could be a good starting point. Here are some examples of the types of goals which will give you something specific to work toward.

  • Post at least ___ holiday videos
  • Increase video views by ___%
  • Increase reactions by ___%
  • Increase shares by ___%

Again, these are just a few of our ideas, but we’d love to hear what metrics you’ll be using to determine your success!

If you have questions, just head to our Facebook group. If you’re not a member yet, join the conversation! You’ll gain access to an engaged community of social media marketers, and a venue for you to get feedback on your videos.

We’ll see you there!