Learning About Hot Sauce at The Heatonist [Video]

Megan O'Neill


In preparation for the launch of our Marketing Video Builder, we invited video journalist and documentary filmmaker, Gayatri Kaul, to visit some local businesses and take the new product for a spin. Last week we shared a video she made with the owner of Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen in Bushwick, Brooklyn. This week we’re excited to share a video she created after a visit to The Heatonist, a hot sauce store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I want to share a couple of things that happened to me, personally, when I saw this video:

  1. I decided that The Heatonist was a store I had to go to in person. I Googled to find out about their exact location and hours and planned to visit.
  2. A few days later, I wanted to get a gift for a friend (and fellow hot sauce enthusiast), so I headed over to and bought him some hot sauce.

Because the video resulted in me making a purchase, I’ve decided to break down the things that I believe were responsible for that conversion so that you can apply them to your own video strategy.

Target your audience

First things first, I should point out that not everyone would’ve reacted to this video like I did. But the video was intended for people like me — people that really love hot sauce. That’s why it worked. So when you’re sharing your videos on Facebook (or Instagram), use the Facebook Ads Manager to target your video so that you’ll reach potential customers within your target audience — be it hot sauce enthusiasts, fashionistas, dog lovers, home buyers, or whatever else your target audience might be!

Share an experience

Gayatri’s Heatonist video showcases the experience of visiting the shop — from walking through the entrance to seeing over 100 bottles of hot sauce on the shelves, chatting with the store’s owner, Noah, and trying some samples. After watching the video, viewers know exactly what they can expect when they visit the store. If you don’t have a storefront, you can do this by showcasing a person using your product or service, or having a customer speak about their experience in a customer testimonial video.

Teach something

Did you know that hot sauces in the Caribbean started as family recipes? Neither did I! That fact got me thinking a lot more about hot sauce and curious about how hot sauces are made and, as a result, I was still thinking about the video (and The Heatonist) long after I watched. Showcasing your expertise is not only a great way to get viewers interested, but it’s also a great way to establish yourself as the go-to business or person in your field and stand out from your competitors.

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