Four Reasons Why Video Will Help Your Business



We talk a lot about the power of video. It tells a story, evokes emotion and engages people on many levels thanks to words, music, visuals and movement.

While you might think this only applies to sharing your memories, video can also be a powerful tool for your business. Here’s why.

1. Video is an effective engagement tool.


When customers can see what you have to offer, they are more likely to engage with you and your company. Create a video that tells your customers more about you, your product or your services and then post it to your website. If customers can better understand what you are offering, they are more likely to visit your site.

“Since I implemented an Animoto video on my home page, the number of monthly unique visitors to jumped from 700 in January to 1400 in February and March,” said Nicole Burley, M.Ed., Certified Life Coach and Health Coach.

2. Video drives conversion.

Once customers are engaged, they spend time with your product or service. Video does the selling for you and can turn visitors into customers.

Robyn Bradley is an author who used Animoto to create a video trailer about her recent publication. “No doubt, the video led to sales. Fans left comments on my Facebook page saying things like, ‘I just downloaded your book after watching your trailer’,” Robyn reports. “My community loves Animoto.”

3. Video boosts Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Getting indexed by search engines like Google is half the game of being discovered online. But figuring out how to move up in ranking can be demanding and difficult. So create an Animoto video! Post your Animoto to your site or to YouTube – one of the most indexed properties online – and you will increase your chance of being discovered.

“Animoto is an excellent and cost-effective SEO tool. I create videos for particular keywords which positively impacts my ranking,” say Brian Marks Jr., owner of Game Repair. “For instance, I created a video and put it on my Xbox game repair page. It went from page six to page two in Google’s search rankings. The Google bots love my Animoto videos.”

4. Animoto is polished and affordable.

“People think you’ve spent a lot of time putting it together and they always comment on the videos!” says Heidi Strickland-Clark of FitCamp UK. The reality is you can create high-end, high definition Animoto videos for a year for less than you would pay for one event banner at your local printer.

We have different plans for different purposes. Make a 30-second video absolutely free. Then, when you are ready to make longer videos, subscribe! Most businesses use Animoto Pro so they can create videos with their own brand in HD with music licensed for commercial use. Learn more about the best fit for your business.

Interested in making a video for your business?

Here’s how. You can do it on your computer or your iPhone. Need inspiration? Check out a range of videos from our customers on our Animoto Pinterest page.