Spotlight on Business: Textile Innovation with Dropel Fabrics

Megan O'Neill


Here at Animoto, we love to get to know the unique businesses that are using our product to market themselves. Today, we’re excited to share the story of Dropel Fabrics with you.

Spotlight on Business: Dropel Fabrics

Dropel is the world’s first hydrophobic textile supplier, using proprietary technology to offer natural fabrics that are spill, stain, and odor repellent. They were recently covered in Forbes. We spoke with co-founder and CEO Sim Gulati to find out more. But before we get to the interview, check out the Animoto video below to learn more about Dropel.

Video strategy

Sim told us a bit about the thought process that went into creating the video. “Given that our product sometimes needs to be seen to be believed (yes, some people don’t believe cotton can be hydrophobic), it was essential for us that the video not only showcased the capabilities of our technology, but also engaged the viewer. The video allowed us to accurately capture and demonstrate our technology in a new way that was informative and engaging. The functionality of the Animoto platform encouraged us to tailor the footage and video to meet the specific needs of our project.”

Company background

Sim shared some background on himself and Dropel. “I grew up in a family that owned factories all over the world and, as a child, I often visited the mills and walked the factory floor. It’s safe to say that the garment industry is in my blood. After graduating from the University of Oxford, with a degree in International Trade & Finance, I started a sourcing and production company that produced clothing for retailers and department stores in various countries and economies.

“Over the years, as I worked closely with the largest fashion and sports brands, I witnessed innovation in polyester and synthetics, but cotton fabrics remained unchanged. So we created a chemistry and a process that takes hydrophobic (water and stain repellent) nanotechnology, which is typically reserved for outerwear and polyester, and infused it with cotton fibers to create hydrophobic natural fabrics while maintaining softness and breathability. The moment we created our first swatch, I sensed we were on to something truly special.”


Finally, when asked what inspires him, Sim told us he’s inspired by “the belief that we have the power to create the future, however distant it may appear… and my wife.”

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