Data-backed Proof for Why You Need to Be Thinking About Mobile Video

Megan O'Neill


When you create videos for yourself or your business, are you thinking about how they’ll appeal to mobile viewers? If not, you should be and here’s why.

Mobile Video Statistics and Strategy

In a new infographic on 5 Noteworthy Ways to Increase Engagement on YouTube, video marketing and analytics suite Vidooly shared the following compelling statistics:

  • 98 percent of millennials watch videos on smartphones, compared to 56 percent on computers.
  • 92 percent of mobile viewers share videos.
  • 52 percent of mobile traffic is a search for video.
  • 75 percent of smartphone viewers watch a video to completion, while only 25 percent watch videos on desktop to completion.

Powerful stats, right? And, as more and more viewers engage with video on mobile devices, it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore mobile as a part of your video strategy. Here are a few tips for building video content with the mobile viewer in mind:

  • Design for sound off. Does your video make sense without the audio? Many mobile viewers are in public places where they can’t listen to your audio. Check out our blog post on tips for creating silent-friendly video content.
  • Keep screen size in mind. If someone is watching your video on a small screen (some people are still sporting the iPhone 4) will they be able to see all the details? Minimize and enlarge text and titles and zoom in further to show small details.
  • Aim to capture viewers’ attention quickly. Mobile users scroll through content quickly, so you have a very brief window of time to capture their attention.
  • Share videos between 12 and 5pm. Vidooly reports that this is the optimal time for mobile video viewing on weekdays.

Learn more in our blog posts on Why Mobile Video Optimization is a Must & How to Do It and 3 Mobile Video Marketing Tips from Facebook’s VP of Global Marketing.

How are you optimizing video for mobile? Share your tips with us in the comments.

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