Effective marketing makes the consumer want to do something – to take some sort of action. Ads should inspire the consumer to want to learn more or try a new product or service out.

Animoto not only empowers you to create engaging videos that do just that, but it also makes it easy for your viewers to take the next step in your sales cycle once they’ve watched your video.

Whether you want the viewer to contact you, sign-up for a newsletter, Like you on Facebook or simply check out your site, Animoto’s Call-to-Action Button feature will come in handy.

This feature allows your video to link out to wherever you’d like when your video ends or is paused.

How to Add a Custom CTA to Your Video

1. Once your video is produced, click on Settings on the play page.
2. Check the box at the bottom called Show Call-to-Action Button.
3. Add a label (what you want your button to say) and URL or email address you want to link to.

Call-to-action Button Animoto

When you’re done, simply click¬†SAVE and your call-to-action button will be added at the end of your video.