How to Use Vimeo PRO for your Business Videos

Becky Brooks


Earlier this year we added included a Vimeo PRO account into our Pro Premium package, along with the ability to export Animoto videos straight to Vimeo.

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So how can you get the most out of this awesome video platform? Here are the features that are most useful to your business, and how to use them:

Pro tip: Remember to upgrade your video to HD before exporting. To get the highest quality, download your video in 1080p before exporting to Vimeo 1080p is a pro-exclusive feature.

1. Advanced Statistics

Vimeo Stats

Statistics help you figure out what’s working – and what’s not. A Vimeo PRO account gives you access to a variety of stats for your videos, including play count, embeds count, top performing videos, and geographic popularity.  This info makes it easier to evaluate your marketing and social media strategies, and to determine the types of content your audience finds most interesting.

To view your stats, click on “My Stats” under the “Me” tab at the top of the page. You can view your overall stats by week, month, or year, or find stats for individual videos. Check out Vimeo’s Advanced Stats FAQ for more info.

customizable vimeo portfolio

2. Create a Custom Vimeo Portfolio

Portfolios are completely customizable websites you can create on Vimeo to showcase your videos and your business. You can make multiple, unbranded public and private portfolios with custom URLs.

To get started, just click on “My Portfolios” under the “Videos” tab. Under “Portfolio Settings/Appearance,” you can choose pre-made themes, color schemes, and fonts, add background images and logos, or take total control and write your own CSS. You can change the page URL under “Basic Info,” and unchecking the box labeled “Powered by Vimeo PRO logo” will give you an unbranded page.

3. Customize the Embedded Vimeo PRO Player

Vimeo gives you complete control over look and feel of your embedded video player. To access all the different options, go to “Video Settings” and click the “Embed” tab. You can change the Intro and Outro settings, add your business’ logo, and change your social media preferences.

Pro tip: Check the “Default this video to HD when embedded” box so your videos will look their best no matter where they’re viewed.

4. Replace a video, but keep likes, comments, and shares

Need to update an old video, but don’t want to lose all your social shares? Vimeo lets you replace your videos without wiping out all your hard-earned buzz.  Under “Video Settings,” click the “Video File” tab, and “Replace Video.”

tags video vimeo

5. Add some serious SEO juice

Increase discoverability by improving your business’ search engine ranking.  Fill out the title and description for each video you upload to Vimeo, and link back to your site. Then add relevant tags to complete the SEO process.

6. Let viewers and team members download and share

Vimeo lets you and your viewers download and easily share your videos to social media platforms. To allow viewers (like team members or photography clients) to download your video, click on the “Privacy” tab under “Video Settings,” and check the box allowing viewers to “Download the video.”

For even more info on using Vimeo PRO for your business, check out pro photographer Jeff Rodgers’ tips and tricks!