Share Business Videos On-The-Go

Lauren Colman


This week we released a new and improved version of our iOS app. It’s now optimized specifically for use on the iPad, making it the perfect addition to your video marketing strategy.

Share Business Videos On-The-Go

On-the-go Do you want to show your company’s introduction video at a new client meeting? Easily access your company’s Animoto videos on the go from you iPhone or iPad.

Offline viewing Not all sales opportunities happen in the proximity of a wifi connection. Download your Animoto videos to your iPad for those times when you can’t connect to the web.

Trade show show-off Impress attendees with more than just a free pen. Display your customer testimonial or product overview videos at your trade show booth.

Never miss a moment Capture photos and videos of events or team outings. Quickly create a video from your iPad with the items stored on your Camera Roll.

Download the Animoto app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.