Business Spotlight: Valley Cadillac Hummer



Tom Dunn of Valley Cadillac Hummer shares with us how he uses Animoto videos to maintain relationships with car buyers and promote his business.

Tom is Business and Marketing Manager of Valley Cadillac Hummer in Rochester, NY.

Hummer Mud

How do you ensure that customers check out the video you made for the “Hummer Happening

A few ways. First, I place the video in several places where customers are likely to find it – our company website, our blog newsletter, YouTube, and several other video sharing sites. I also send an email with the link to the video to our entire email list.

You previously used to manually edit the video you shot at the “Hummer Happening.” How long would that take you vs. how long it does with Animoto?

The other kind of videos I create to send to the attendees are live action videos that I shoot the day of the event. They take several days to edit and set to music. I can have an Animoto video done and distributed in about an hour, sometimes even less. I love that kind of speed and flexibility!

As someone who manually edits videos as well, any tips you can give to fellow Animoto for Business users who are using the video upload feature? What makes a great video?

The best tip I can offer is, think about how you’re going to be using the footage BEFORE you shoot it. Make a list of the important shots you definitely want to get before the shooting occurs. That way, you won’t find yourself editing a video and needing an important shot. I always work from a shot list.

Valley Cadillac Hummer

When it comes to putting together great Animoto videos, I think of the viewer. The average person who watches a web video is pretty impatient (I know I am!) so I almost never create a video longer than about a minute. More people will watch it that way. To tell the full story, I usually select the double speed option. If you notice most television commercials, the shots are cut pretty quickly… I think that reflects our modern attention span.

You not only give customers a physical copy of the video, but also include it in an e-mail blast to customers & on your dealership’s blog. What was the reaction like?

People responded positively to the video, and some even took the time to send in positive comments. On top of that, my boss really loved it — always a big plus!

How important is keeping your online marketing fresh & relevant for getting new customers and maintaining ties with past customers?

The web is a catch 22. It both allows for – and demands – speed and creativity. Web surfers are a pretty impatient lot with ultra short attention spans, and your online marketing needs to capture their imagination quickly or you’ll lose them. Thankfully, tools like Animoto allow for almost anyone to capture an event or promotion on camera now, and have it up on the web before the attendees even get home… pretty cool!