Business Spotlight: Ask Men

Colyn Montgomery


We interview Peter Schwartz of about their use of Animoto on the popular web portal for men.

Peter Schwartz is video manager for is the #1 men’s lifestyle portal with 7 million readers a month. We had a chance to catch up with Peter to learn more about how he creates engaging content for his readers with Animoto.

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What type of content is most popular with your readers?

When you think of a Men’s magazine there really are many different areas of interest that guys have and we make it our business to be responsive to them all! From fast cars to fashion, daily news to dating and everything in between, our bank of over 100,000 articles really do cover the entire male experience! So when trying to create original videos that complement and enhance broad and varied content found at, I am thankful to have a product like Animoto in my arsenal which can be used in creating almost any type of content!

Askmen is a photo article based site. Do you strictly use photos for your Animoto videos?

To be honest, when I first evaluated the product, I was worried that Animoto would only be able to process photos like other batch video generation products I had looked at, but I was very excited to discover that in fact Animoto processes video as well! I think that adding your own video signature touches are important in distinguishing your editorial and creative voice and Animoto allows us to do just that! Some projects lend themselves to the exclusive use of photos, but many need additional video elements to really tell their story, and at the end of the day that’s what I see Animoto as being…a great tool for telling YOUR stories!

One project that comes to mind was a fun video we produced on 5 of the top 10 “Most Luxurious McDonald’s In The World” in which we showed the photos of the establishment as well as motion graphics videos that displayed the titles of the locations!

What are your goals as video director for

I wake up each morning and go to work with the singular goal of helping, educating, and entertaining men with the best tools available. As a tool with which to create custom video content, I can think of no better tool than Animoto. The ease, speed and power of your product has empowered us to quickly create a substantial library of entertaining video content without in any way compromising on quality.

In your opinion, what is the key to a great Animoto video?

As a video producer you have to be mindful of every detail of the user experience from the visuals, the edits, the music, right down to the boring details of how you optimize the videos to be viewed on the Internet.