5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Facebook Video Strategy

Megan O'Neill


Are you uploading video to your Facebook business page? If not, you are missing out. Since June 2014, Facebook has averaged over one billion video views every day and content marketers and brands are jumping on the Facebook bandwagon. The number of content marketers uploading videos to Facebook directly jumped 50% in May through June alone of last year.

We have put together a list of five reasons you should try to get a piece of the Facebook video action.

Your customers are hungry for it

Over the past year, the demand for video on Facebook has exploded. According to Facebook Media, “more than 50% of people who come back to Facebook every day in the US watch at least one video daily and 76% of people in the US who use Facebook say they tend to discover the videos they watch on Facebook.”

Your customers are already on Facebook, just waiting for a video to pop up in their News Feed. There is no reason the next video they watch shouldn’t be yours!

Your competitors are doing it

The number of videos from brands (and people) showing up in the News Feed has increased 3.6x year-over-year. With this increase, the odds that your potential customers are seeing Facebook videos from your competitors also increases. You need to be there with your own video content to balance things out.

Head over to your competitors’ Facebook pages and check out how they are using video to engage with their customers. See what they are doing well and what you can improve upon when creating your own Facebook video strategy.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye on your competitors’ Facebook pages using the Pages To Watch feature under Insights on your own Facebook page.

Facebook is the champion of video engagement

For years, YouTube has been the king of online video, but in recent months Facebook has given YouTube a run for its money. The numbers show that instead of sharing YouTube video links to their Facebook pages, more brands have turned to uploading their videos directly to Facebook.

Data from Socialbakers shows that, as of November 2014, “marketers are now turning to Facebook video first.” That is no surprise when you take a look at the share of interactions (read: engagement) that Facebook videos see, as opposed to videos shared on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and other platforms.

Socialbakers Facebook Video Engagement

Facebook content is highly shareable, by nature

When a potential customer views your video on Facebook, there are easy ways for them to engage with your brand immediately  – by liking, sharing or commenting on the video. If you included a call to action, they can click through to learn more or even make a purchase. As a bonus, when someone engages with your video through likes, shares or comments, their action shares with their friends, increasing the reach of your video and finding its way in front of more eyeballs (and the potential customers behind those eyeballs).

Facebook is letting businesses up their video game

Facebook is currently in the process of rolling out a brand-spankin’ new design for the Videos section of Facebook Pages, encouraging businesses to embrace Facebook video with some great new features. The new Videos tab comes complete with an area for a featured video with a live comment feed, and the ability to create organized playlists of video content.

Reminiscent of a YouTube channel page, this major redesign will allow branded video content to live more of an evergreen life on Facebook, instead of getting lost as it makes its way down in the News Feed. If you haven’t seen the new Videos tab yet, head over to the Animoto Facebook page and check it out.

Because this feature is brand new (in fact, some Pages are still waiting for the update) there is no better time than the present to start using it and stand out from the crowd. Take advantage of the featured video spot to share a company overview video or promote company news or promotions. Organize any old video content you have into useful playlists to bring it back into play.

If you have upped your own Facebook video game, we would love to hear about it. Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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