Buffer: “Marketers Want to Be Making More Video but Can’t”

Megan O'Neill


As one of the leading social media management platforms, Buffer has a ton of customer insights at their disposal and we’re always excited when they share their findings. Earlier this year, they shared that “video is largely underutilized”on Facebook. In their latest report, The State of Social 2016, released today, Buffer’s Ash Read sheds some light on why.

According to the report, “marketers want to be making more video but can’t.” What’s getting in their way? Time and money. According to the report, 72% of marketers named “__lack of time”as one of the factors holding them back from creating more video and **41% of marketers named “**video is expensive to produce.”__

Buffer State of Social Creating Video

Without obstacles like time, resources, and budget standing in the way, a whopping 83% of marketers say they’d like to be creating more videos.

Buffer State of Social Types of Content

That being said, it looks like at least some of these marketers will start embracing video in 2017. 30% of marketers plan to add Facebook video to their marketing efforts in the next 12 months and 28% of marketers plan to add YouTube.

Check out Buffer’s full report to learn more and let us know whether these obstacles resonate with you. How have you incorporated video into your marketing strategy? Join the conversation and share your videos in the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook.