Promote Yourself Professionally on LinkedIn with Video

Becky Brooks



LinkedIn is one of (if not the) most important networking sites for professional networking. Now LinkedIn allows you to introduce yourself and your past career experience with video!

As of this week, LinkedIn allows users to post video to their profile and even when describing past jobs. The best part is Animoto videos are fully supported!

Here’s our guide to getting your business’s video on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn Edit Account to add Animoto Video

Step 1: Edit Profile

After signing in, go to your profile and press “Edit.”

Step 2: Post Video

You will see when your profile is in “Edit Mode” that for both the “Summary” of who you are and when describing past jobs/experience, you are allowed to add video.

Post Animoto Video to LinkedIn

Just copy and paste the URL for the video you want in your profile and press “Save.”

Step 3: Check Out Call-to-Action

When someone clicks on the video, a pop-up screen will enlarge with your video. Even your Call-to-Action Button will stay intact. This is a great way to increase interest in yourself or your business!

Step 4: Shamelessly Self-Promote

They say “showing is better than telling,” so feel free to humble brag a bit about what you’ve done in your career.

Here’s a great post on creating a fantastic “About Me” video if you’d like some ideas.

Step 5: Swap Out Videos on the Fly

LinkedIn How to Edit Animoto Video

If you ever want to update / remove the video, edit your profile and scroll down to area of profile where your video appears. You’ll notice that you can “remove media.” Feel free to repost a new video after removing the old!

Telling Your Story with Video

Whether you’re in business for yourself, work at a small business or at a large company, Animoto videos are great for recruiting, promoting your company/services or just giving a bit of a bio of who you are.

People like doing business who they like and seem personable!

Explain your accomplishments and what you’re about professionally on LinkedIn with video and you’ll definitely stand-out!

Check out these business video marketing examples for inspiration.