5 Ways to Share Your Brand with Video



The video marketing field is growing quickly, and establishing your brand is a key step in transforming occasional customers into loyal ones.

Even if you know all this, you may not know where to begin…and that’s okay!  The following five video can be adapted for almost any type of business:

1. Company History Video

Every business has an origin story.  If you know yours, you’re ready to get started!  Questions you may want to answer:

How did the idea for the business come about?
What are a few of your business’ core values and beliefs?
What sets you apart from similar businesses?

Or, you know, just watch our own video for inspiration:

2. Portraits & Interviews

At boutique real estate brokerage CORE, the marketing team focuses less on creating videos for each individual listing, and more on creating video portraits of individual real estate agents.  This type of video is relevant for a much longer period of time, and helps potential clients imagine what it might be like to work with a particular realtor.

3. Product or Services Video

If you already use Animoto for business, you’ve probably made a video like this before.  But don’t take it for granted; it’s a standard for a reason.  Our Marketing Videos 101 Slideshare has all the facts.

Check out how this video stays consistent with Mail a Monkey‘s business through fun, simple captions and an upbeat song:

4. Educate

Customers don’t want to read lengthy step-by-step tutorials about your product, and your employees do not want to sit through boring training sessions.  Who can blame them?  Present necessary information in a more engaging way to keep your audience, be it new hires or new clients, on board.

5. Recruiting Video

Put a recruiting video on your “Careers” page to position yourself as a leader of your industry and attract like-minded applicants.  Explain what your business does, mention any recognition or awards you have received, and be sure to let your personality and company culture shine through.

Perhaps most importantly, videos are super sharable.  If you make an awesome video which viewers want to share with others, your applicant pool will widen dramatically.

Create a video now!