Brand Your Business Through Video



video Branding Business

Offering your customers a take-away video – is a great way to deliver value and differentiate your business from your competitors.

You can use Animoto Pro to chronicle their experience with you and let them share with friends and family. You can give them away or charge for them.

Here’s a great example. While the memory of their fantastic rafting adventure is still fresh, Adventure Sun Valley hits them with a video of their experience!

Think Long-Term Advertising with a Customer Focus

Creating an Animoto video is very easy – use the computer or your iPhone. But delivering something your customers will value will take a little planning. You want to make sure you have great photos and video clips you can use. Plan your photography accordingly but make sure they are the stars. With digital cameras and Smartphones you can shoot a lot and you’ll only need a few clips and great photos for the final product. Be sure to include your signage, logo or unique settings as backgrounds so your company is part of their memory. Maybe plan a standard shot so this is always accomplished.

Pay Attention to Your Messaging When You Add Words

Animoto advanced settings

Animoto lets you add text transitions between photos and video clips. It’s a great place to position your business while telling the story. You want to be subtle, but it’s a great way to point out why your business is special. “Exclusive vistas”, “hands on access”, “award-winning” are just a few examples of how you can persuasively position your business. At the end of the video, be sure to include information about your website. In the Advanced Settings, you can a message and your URL (see image). You want to make sure anyone that sees the video knows how to find you. If you don’t have a website, set up a Facebook fan page. Do something to help people find you.

Decide the Best Business Model for Offering Video

For Adventure Sun Valley, they follow up with the customers by providing a link to their personalized video. They don’t charge for it because they see it as a very inexpensive marketing tool that will let their customers spread the word about their business. Other businesses sell the video as an additional service. Professional photographers often create an Animoto video that brings a photo shoot to life and burn it to a DVD. They have to plan ahead to shoot video while shooting stills but customers love seeing the behind-the-scenes parts of the day partnered with the final perfect pics.

Getting Started

You’ll need to use Animoto Pro to create videos to use as finished products. Animoto Pro lets you make full-length movies with music that is licensed for distribution and resale to your customers. It also provides while label branding that means you can easily add your brand to the end. Finally, you can download videos in high-definition which will delight your customers.

Try making an video today or check out more tips on small business video marketing!