Data shows that video can build brand loyalty, increase conversion and encourage customer engagement.  We want to make it even easier for you to create videos for your business that will set you apart from the competition.

We are introducing a powerful set of features to help businesses be successful with engaging customers, strengthening their company image and driving sales through video. Animoto for Business makes it easier than ever to make high-quality videos without breaking the bank.

Introducing Animoto for Business

What does Animoto for Business have to offer?

HD-Quality Videos
Professional-quality HD videos look good on all computers and devices and strengthen a company’s professional image.

Licensed Music
Avoid the hassle and worry of finding and downloading commercially licensed music. Select from our extensive library of tracks that are perfect for business videos.

Large Selection of Video Styles
Quickly select an expertly crafted video template or design your own style. With over 50 different video styles to choose from you are guaranteed to find one with the right polish for your business.

Advanced Editing Tools
Ability to add multiple songs, any length video clips, remove Animoto branding and customize fonts and colors.

Get In Front of the Right Audience
Easily post, embed or share videos. Post videos on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social sharing sites. It’s easy to embed your video on your site or blog. No need to learn website coding!

Video Hosting
Immediately share and view without the steps required to put the video on another site. We host your videos in the cloud for easy viewing by you and your customers from any computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone.

Add Your Company’s Logo
Strengthen the professionalism and branding of your video by adding a logo at the beginning and end of your video without worrying about the details of animation and timing.

Call-to-Action Button
Do you want your customers to visit your homepage or a specific landing page after the presentation? Easily direct viewers to your website by adding a link to the end of your video.

Download and Burn Videos to DVD
Need to burn your video to a disk to give to a client or include in a sales proposal? In cases where you might not have Internet access, you can download the video file to your computer or burn it to a DVD to be viewed offline.

Easy-to-Track Video Stats
Manage all of your videos in one place and track views across sites including your company website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email and more.

Create a video now to experience these great features. Don’t currently have a Pro subscription? Try Pro now with our free trial.