8 Moods & Emotions to Use to Draw People in on Facebook

Megan O'Neill


When it comes to marketing, there’s nothing that spikes people and gets them to engage, sign up, buy, or whatever your goal is, quite like making them feel something. But what are the moods and emotions that lead to this spike? At our second annual Social Video Marketing Summit, Sue Bryce shared eight, along with tips on how to use them. Check out highlights in the video below, and read on to learn more about the 8 tips Sue shares.

#1: Be Enthusiastic

Sue describes enthusiasm as “one of the most creative energies in the world. And your creative energy is so attractive when it goes out there, it’s attracting money, it’s attracting clients, and it’s mostly attracting opportunities.” Therefore, it’s incredibly important to approach everything you do with enthusiasm — to work with joy and channel channel pure intention. Sue talks more about intention in our last blog post based on her Summit talk, 4 Questions to Help You Find Your Voice.

#2: Engage

“What is engagement?” asks Sue. “It’s when people come back. It’s when people ask questions.” How do you engage? Stay on the threads and join in conversations on your posts, chat with people, talk back, like and love comments. “The more interaction you create on your page, the more people will know you’re there to respond to them, the more they’ll go to your page for that interaction.”

#3: Educate

“Education is an interesting beast.” Some of you may be in the business of online education. However, even if you’re not, you still need to educate people about your service or product, the experience of what you do, the price, and the solution to the problem that your offering solves.

#4: Be emotive

Sue suggests asking, “What story am I connecting to this particular product, service, and experience? What relationships am I showcasing that will bring an emotional aspect into my story and narrative?”

#5: Be evocative

“To be evocative is to bring strong memories, images, and feelings into the mind.” In what ways can you imagine telling stories around your brand that will evoke such memories, images, and feelings?

#6: Entertain

Entertainment and education are two things that people actually purchase today. So incorporating entertainment into your marketing can be very effective. That said, it can be difficult to make a funny video, so this one may not be for everyone. But if you can make people laugh, naturally, Sue recommends this as one route for reaching your audience.

#7: Entice with experience

“You must tell me what you’re selling,” says Sue. “So you can entice me, and then tell me what that experience is.” Show viewers and make them feel what your experience is in order to make them want and desire your product or service. “What are you doing to make me want to come back over and over again?”

#8: Elevate and empower

You may think you can inspire by simply sharing inspirational quotes. However, Sue points out that in order to elevate your content, take it to the next level, and make it even more inspirational and empowering, you need to make it relevant with a story. “I educate with an inspirational quote,” says Sue. “Because inspiration is fine, but without some background, some education, and some grounding, it’s really just fluff.”

Inspired by Sue’s tips? We’d love to hear what you plan to do with them. Share a note in the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community and watch the full Summit for more inspiration.