3 Ways to Use Video Marketing to Make Your Clients Feel Loved

Becky Brooks


Here are some great ways to use this holiday as a great video marketing opportunity.

Cupid can make your clients fall in love with your company all over again, through video.

1. Valentine’s Day Promotions and Discounts

Everyone loves a bargain. So why not offer something customers adore – a sweet deal – right around the most amorous holiday of all?

If your product or service makes for a great Valentine’s Day present, nudge your clients on your blog and Facebook page about a great Valentine’s Day deal. It might actually be a completely welcomed nudge. Last minute V-Day gift purchasers are a dime a dozen. Be the solution for a romantic procrastinator.

And even if your product isn’t the perfect fit for a V-Day gifter, still offer a deal all in the name of loving the people who help keep your business up and running – your customers.

2. Celebrate your clients/customers

I love it when businesses reach out to simply let me know they appreciate my patronage. A simple note to your clients or an Animoto video and blog post proclaiming just how awesome your clients are can go a long way.

You can even take it a step further and throw a party all in the name of appreciation. Throwing a party at your space can promote good will amongst your most loyal customers. It’s also an opportunity to connect with them beyond the confines of business.

People like doing business with friends, so make it a point to socialize with your clients/customers. And even if you don’t have your own space, partner-up with a fellow company that does. It might be a great opportunity to do some cross-promotional marketing in a very soft-sell way.

Paul McCartney once belted that “money can’t buy you love.” But free stuff sometimes can.

Whether trying to get back clients who have strayed, making those who are very loyal stay so, or enticing potential new buyers, free can be a powerful marketing tool. It can help you:

– Demonstrate your gratitude (and yes, even love) for your loyal customers.
– Show potential customers that you LOVE your product and are sure they will, too.
– Get back customers who you haven’t seen in a while.

For any of these situations, you can use Animoto to get your marketing out there. E-mail out your promotional video to customers from years ago. Facebook update about your promotion to those who “Like” you and be amazed at how quickly Mark Zuckerberg will start getting requests for a “Love” button.” Update the promotion to your blog and website.

Make it a point to give your freebie promotion an end date to add urgency and perhaps make it limited to the first 50 people who take you up on the offer.

Looking for a great way to spread the love this Valentine’s Day? Try making a Valentine’s Day video with us!