3 Ways to Follow Up on Small Business Saturday



You prepared for Small Business Saturday.  But did you get ready for what comes next?

Let’s talk about how to keep this momentum going all the way through the holidays.  These special touches will remind your customers why they brought their business to you in the first place:

3 Ways to Follow Up on Small Business Saturday

1. Show Your Gratitude

Thank you notes are traditional, and for good reason: a personalized video or card sent via snail mail is a low-cost way to show your appreciation for your  biggest supporters.

For a more informal approach, update your business’ social media pages with a video made from the photos and video you took on Saturday, and include a message thanking everyone for coming out.

2. Offer Can’t-Miss Savings

Customers will still be looking for deals well into December.  Reward longtime customers for their loyalty with a gift or store credit, and entice newer customers to return with coupons and loyalty programs.

3. Stay Engaged

If all went well, Small Business Saturday helped you grow your email list.  This is one of your most valuable marketing resources, so don’t let December pass you by without using this list!

If you have new customers joining your mailing list, your initial email to them will help them decide whether they want to stay on your list or unsubscribe.  Keep these customers on board by providing content and product recommendations that will be interesting to them.

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