Ready to start using LinkedIn video for your company page?

Native videos, videos that are uploaded directly to and play within the LinkedIn feed, have been shown to outperform videos shared as links, and should be a go-to for businesses of all sizes marketing on the platform. For a guide to posting on LinkedIn, check out this blog post.

Every social network is unique, and your LinkedIn video strategy should be designed with the platform’s business-first orientation in mind. We’ve compiled a list of video topics that’ll be right at home in the LinkedIn feed, and will help support your company’s goals, as well as address needs for potential customers, employees, and other interested parties. Create one of these videos and see how it performs for you!

#1: Videos that showcase your business

First up, videos that put your business front and center. There’s no shame in a little self-promotion, and we’ve got a few ideas to help you get the ball rolling.

Testimonial videos

Make the first review a potential customer hears about your business a home run. Testimonial promos are classic for a reason. They earn the trust and interest of viewers by sharing the experience of someone who has already tried and enjoyed your product or service.

The key balance to strike is between specificity and relatability. You want to be specific enough to feel genuine and memorable, but still maintain enough flexibility to appeal to people who may not have the same exact need as the person or people you’re highlighting.

Product features

A feature-based video is an opportunity for you to demonstrate what makes your product special, and how, if purchased, it will improve the lives of your viewers. Depending on your goals, you could choose to take a top down approach, running through a few main points, or you could really nerd out about one particular aspect of your offering.

Whatever you decide, bear in mind that you are pitching yourself to a potential customer. Speak their language, and make no assumptions about what they already know about your business. This could easily apply to a service, too. Show off what you do well.

Company announcements

What’s new with your business? LinkedIn video can be a fantastic way to spread the word about new partnerships, locations, offerings, or whatever else is jumping to mind!

Be thoughtful about what you choose to make a big deal out of. Consider whether your announcement will affect the way in which potential customers perceive you. If it’s a flat line, you may want to hold off, but if there are exciting goings-on at your business, by all means shout it from the proverbial rooftops!

#2: Videos that establish thought leadership

If you’re looking to plant your flag as a leader in a professional space, LinkedIn’s business-bent makes it an ideal proving ground for your content.


We often talk about offering viewers something of value, and it doesn’t get much more on the nose than teaching them a new skill. A well-executed tutorial video is a win-win for both video creator and viewer. Your business gets to share and establish your expertise, and your potential customer learns something.

When deciding what to teach your audience, shoot to find a topic that you know backward and forward, that you can provide a unique and trustworthy approach to, that simultaneously would be applicable to the lives of your viewers.

Industry updates

Big changes afoot in your industry? Break the news to your followers who might be affected or interested in whatever is going on, and if appropriate, give your business’ perspective on the news. With industry shifts comes an opportunity to lead a charge in a new direction. Carefully consider your position and get your views out there! When dealing with “breaking news,” it pays to be quick on the uptake.

#3: Videos that help you recruit new hires

In addition to attracting potential new customers and clients, LinkedIn also provides ample opportunity to appeal to new candidates for roles at your business. Here are two ways we’ve found to effectively accomplish that goal.

Job opening

Sometimes the simplest approach is the best, but simple doesn’t have to mean boring. If you have a specific role that you’re hiring for, entice potential applicants to find out more with a few quick hits on the responsibilities for the position, and if you still have time, a section on why your company is such a desirable place to work. If you have more than one open role, use video to quickly run through them and include a strong call to action to visit your careers page. No matter what you decide, it’s still essential to have a full job description where people can find more information on the position and your company, as well as apply, but a video is an engaging way to get them to that point.

Team Spotlight

Share what makes your team so special. Strong company culture is an appealing aspect of a business, especially potential new hires. Showcase a staff outing, hijinks around the office, employees speaking about your company values, or anything else that demonstrates what makes your company a place that people want to work. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate your existing staff for all the work that they do.

Let us know what’s working for you on LinkedIn

Do you have other ideas that you think make sense or are already working for you? Let us know in the comments! And for feedback and inspiration, join our Facebook group, the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community.