Beth Forester

Beth Forester is an educator, artist, wife, and mother who loves to photograph people.   Beth discovered her love for photography when her daughter, Katherine, was born. Katherine became her muse and, as she captured the beautiful expressions and precious moments of this tiny new person in her life, Beth realized that photography was the best medium to remember the important people and the once-in-a-lifetime moments that occur in our lives each and every day.   Inspired by her own story, Beth opened a portrait studio, Forester Photography, in her hometown of Madison, West Virginia, and began documenting the lives of others through photography. Her perceptions as a mother translate well into her portrait work in the studio, using her own experience to capture the perfect photograph for each family.   After 20 years of documenting people’s lives through photography, Beth has joined the team at Animoto, where she is helping people to capture, preserve, and share their own memories through video.