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Winner of Best Service and Application, Webby Awards 2009; Winner, Best Design, Crunchies, 2009; Best Film/TV Website, SXSW 2008 and many more award and accolades!
  • We are unabashed fans of this do-one-thing-very-right service.
    Michael Arrington
  • A vivid example of cloud computing power.
    Michael Fitzgerald
    The New York Times
  • Animoto is a site we love. At Animoto you can create a very cool music video.
    Ned Matura
    Parenting Magazine
  • In a word, they look nothing short of terrific.
    Jefferson Graham
    USA Today
  • Supercharged videos more akin to music videos than slideshows.
    Jamin Brophy-Warren
    The Wall Street Journal
  • It's like tossing a bunch of steel, glass and leather into a box, shaking it up and then opening the box to find a brand new Ferrari.
    G4TV, Attack Of The Show
  • As a video producer in a former life, I was honestly blown away at the quality of the video produced. I was expecting a slideshow over music, in a typically disconnected composition. For being automated, the video produced is quite sophisticated and individual. The edits and effects are appropriate to the music's pacing and personality.
    Michelle Maltais
    Los Angeles Times
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